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Storage Solutions

On a Smarter Planet, systems are increasingly instrumented, interconnected and intelligent – creating more valuable data every day. Organizations that can harness that data have a competitive advantage. Smarter Storage enables fast information delivery, enhanced data security and built-in efficiency — so you can take control of your data and storage costs.

Increase in data capacity and decrease in storage prices have led to a need for an ever increasing demand in storage capacity. Servers need storage beyond the disk that be directly attached to them and to ensure efficient central consolidation storage solutions are required. Technologies in designing High availability solutions has further prompted the need to create external storage devices which can be designed with high level of redundancies to survive device failures & provide a reliable and efficient means of storing and retrieval of data while delivering high performance.

Our storage solutions include consulting, plan, design & implementation, Information & Data Management, Enhancement & Optimization solutions.

Our experienced team can help with every aspect of storage including

  • • Storage Area Network (SAN)
  • • Network Attach Storage (NAS)
  • • Data Management and Security
  • • Data Archiving
  • • Data Consolidation
  • • Disk Storage Systems
  • • Storage Virtualization (SVC).
  • • Tape Storage Systems

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